©2017 Katie O'Sullivan, Even From A Different Perspective She Couldn't Understand, 24x18

From the Inside Out

I paint to explore emotions.  Those deep, raw desires, struggles, joys, and fears, which are born from our experiences.  They reside in the mind and body, and need to be expressed, exposed, and cherished.

My paintings start with an abstract application of marks and colors.  Thoughts and emotions manifest themselves in the form of lines, drawings, symbols, and words.  As I build the paintings, I work intuitively, allowing each mark to inform the next. By following the expression of a feeling and exploring emotions, truths are exposed.  Images take form and confront us with their presence and thoughts.  This is when the painting seem to take on a life of their own, emblems of the human experience, both personal and universal.

In the end, the figures hide as much as they reveal.  Their stories not told in full.  It is an invitation for you, the viewer, to identify with the painting in your own way.  To conjure up memories of your experiences, and explore your desires, struggles, joys, and fears.

*** and when you purchase a painting you are helping our world.  I donate 10% of my profit on each painting sold to one of my favorite charities: ARTsmart New Mexico, HESC-endangered species center, Malala Fund


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